What Money Can't Buy

This post is somewhat ironic since the last one was about the little pleasures in life that I love.  Well... here's what brings me joy, that money can't buy.

*  Daily pictures from my sister of my beautiful niece.
* Talking to my Mom on the phone constantly.
* When my roommate gets really excited about something that's happening in my life and shreeks and jumps up and down.
*  My students yelling "Hey Ms. Bradley" as they walk down the hallway with their friends.
*  NOT having to set my alarm on Friday nights.
*  Sunday lunches after Church.
* Text messages from my best friends, randomly, at the exact moments that I need them.
* Funny, yet predictable text messages from my guy friends.
* The moment when you see a picture from a moment you'll remember forever.
* Sharing in life's moments with friends.
* Crying over the phone, with someone who knows exactly how you feel.
* Everyone who tells me constantly that I need to get my butt back home when I'm finished up here.
* My Grandma reassuring me that I'll "just know" when I meet "the one"
* Visits with my Grandparents.
* Praying so hard, with such devotion for someone that doesn't even know you're praying for them.
* Text messages from my Dad that say "Love ya girly"
* Driving on the Air Force Base and feeling such appreciation for the sacrifice that my Dad, and all our military have made.
* Sitting in my apartment, remembering last summer when I got to pick out everything that would go in it.  Remembering all the visits my Mom made up here until it was just perfect.
* Looking at my degree, knowing what it took to achieve it.
* The smell of clean laundry.
* When Tressa randomly decides to go pick up coffee on Saturday mornings for us.
*  Waking up in the middle of the night, only to realize I have 4 more hours to sleep.
*  Going to work every day, knowing I have the ability to change someone's life.
* My panera rewards card... enough said.
* Christmas Music
*When the perfect song comes on the radio and I sing it at the top of my lungs.
* Looking at old pictures.
* That moment, when you know that everything you have gone through has been worth it.  When you know that you finally made it out to the other side.

" A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit"  Proverbs 15:13

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