Most know that I teach 9th graders.  By far the HARDEST grade to teach, in my opinion.  But they're also the most fun at times, and the say and do the funniest things that just crack me up.

They're also little creepers.

I have a group of ninth grade guys who are infatuated with me.  Probably because I'm blonde, shorter than them, and older than them.  I try to ignore their "flirting" and try to be stern and mean to discourage it, but it doesn't really work.  It hasn't really bothered me, I mean after all they ARE guys,   until last week when we discovered that they had been discreetly taking pictures of me on their iphones and posting them on the internet!


I was horrified.  I mean first of all, who knows what those pictures look like?  Second, who knows where they are posting them.  That's so creepy!

So my mentor had to give a lecture to the guys about how weird/wrong it was to take pictures without someone knowing and how they could get into serious trouble for doing that.

The adventures in teaching....

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