This time of the year means one thing.... Lifetime Movies :)

Yep, I get sucked in every time!  I mean who doesn't love a cheesy love story?  My mom got me hooked on lifetime a long time ago.... and now every Sunday afternoon you can bet my TV is turned on to lifetime while I clean or do whatever else it is I do on Sundays (nap).

The problem is, during the holidays they play really good Christmas movies every night.  It's really unfortunate because it prevents me from doing anything productive.  Right now I'm supposed to be working on my Fall portfolio for the MAT but nope, lifetime!  Ahh.... love...

So hopefully at some point I can turn off the television and turn on my brain to focus!  But if not... I refuse to stress.

So every Monday I have my MAT classes all day.  Sometimes they're really interesting, sometimes they're really boring.  To be perfectly honest, I just love Monday's because it's the one day that I don't have to listen to myself talk all day long.  Ha.  AND I get to each lunch in an actual restaurant with actual people.  Yay for that!

Anyway, so we were sitting in Cohort yesterday.  Cohort is pretty much like group therapy for graduate students.  We are in Cohort, pretty much complaining to our professor about the large portfolio we have due to him in less than 48 hours and he says, " You will graduate from this program if I have to drag you across that finish line myself".

We laughed.  But seriously, he actually means it.  It's nice to know that no matter what I WILL graduate, which sure as heck beats where I was last year this time :)

And that's all the randomness I have for tonight.

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