I love having breaks because it means that I get to spend extended amounts of time with my family and great friends!

Here are some funny quotes over the past week:

Me:  "Last night I wrote down a list of 3 things I need in a guy"
Christi:  "Ok, what are they?"
Me:  "Number 1, he can't be an asshole"
Christi:  "I could see how that could be important, what are the other two?"
Me:  "Umm... I forget."

Summer:  "Of course, you're sparkly"
Christi:  "Jen's always sparkly"
Me:  "I'm a sparkle"

Me:  "You know how sometimes I can come across a bit standoffish?"
Summer:  "Yea...and intimidating"

Reed:  "I can't be around ya'll when ya'll are having these conversations.  In my mind yall are nothing but perfect and innocent, I'd like to keep you that way"

Christi: "Ash what kind of phone do you have"
Ash:  "Blue Moon"
Christi:  "So, is that a Samsung?"
****Followed by much confusion****
Ash:   "I thought you were asking me about my beer"

Christi:  "Always the gentleman.  Or maybe just a bit intimidated by the 'Jennifer Bradley'"Me:

Girl at Bar:  "So how do you get your hair to look like that?"
Me:  "Umm... I put it in a ponytail?"

Me:  "I've come to realize that I am attracted to jerks and emotionally unavailable men"
Christi:  "You're just now realizing this??"

Dad (in a text):  "Waiting at Copying"
Dad:  Coltons
Dad:  Stupid Auto
Me:  hahaha
Dad:  Enufo

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