Top 12 Photos/Moments of 2010

Everyone knows that I love pictures.  I love to take them/be in them, anything!  I can look back through pictures and remember how I felt at the exact moment the picture was taken.  Pictures are my way of marking certain moments in my life.  So here are the top 12 pictures/moments of 2010.

12.  This picture was taken on the night I knew that a certain chapter of my life was finally closed.  It was exhilarating, and freeing to realize that I was finally done hurting, done thinking "what if", done with him.  That moment when you realize that you're finally at the other end of the tunnel is weird, but gives you such a sense of empowerment knowing that if you can get through that, you can do anything.

11.  This picture evokes so many feelings.  It was taken at a time last year when I was just truly happy.  Taken with one of my favorite little girls, the only little girl in my life at that particular time.  The thing that makes me laugh about this picture, is if you look at my chest you can see the remnants of a very bad sunburn.  It was horrible.  I was stupid.  It looks like I have skin cancer there, and my skin has never been the same since that burn.  Chalk it up to stupidity, and pure bliss of summer days spent poolside.

10.  My college graduation day!  It was such a celebration that I was actually going to graduate, on time! I was so proud this day, and still am of completing such a feat.

9.  This night, Christi describes as the night I finally was back to being the "old me".  Pre-Relationship, 
Pre-Skiing accident, the old Jennifer that everyone loves.  This was dead day's eve last summer.  It was truly one of the most fun nights, I really did feel like the old me and have ever since. 

8.  This picture was taken in the middle of my first semester of my MAT classes.  I was incredibly stressed and so my parents whisked me away to spend a couple of days with family and great friends on the beaches of the East coast.  It was a much needed break, and I loved seeing my "other family".  

7.  The night began looking like the first picture above.  Ended, looking worst than the second picture.  This night was one of the greatest nights of the whole year.  We were celebrating Summer's 1 year anniversary with her hubby, and it was just a night of hanging out with friends and family. We saw old friends, made new ones, and most importantly made memories to last forever.

6.  Tressa and I decided to go out alone one night to have a girl's night just us two.  Whenever we go out just the two of us, it doesn't ever stay that way for long.  We met some really fun people and said goodbye to our blissful summer days.

5.  Tressa's 21st birthday.  FUN fun FUN night.  Enough said.

4.  Before a Gary Allen concert.  The look on my face describes perfectly how I felt.  True happiness and contentment.  

3.  This pictures perfectly sums up our 10+ year friendship.  I'm not exactly sure what we were talking about here, but these girls are pure life.  We are all so different, which makes us fight and bicker sometimes, but at the end of each day, at every milestone we are all there.  There's not one incredible memory that I have that these girls were not a part of somehow.  

2.  My beautiful sister and I at her first baby shower for Heelyn.  She looks gorgeous here.  She IS gorgeous.  We were so anxious for Heelyn's arrival, and just so happy with life.

1.  Our first glimpse at precious Heelyn Elyse.  I love the look in Kyle's face.  Pure joy.  Amazement.  At this moment we were completely worn out from worrying the past 3 hours as my sister's amazingly easy labor took a turn for the worst.  But here she is.  The product of my sister and Kyle's love.  Perfect.  Their lives, our lives, would never be the same.

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