Odds and Ends

Today was a great day spent catching up with an old friend, it's really pretty funny.  We both went to Belmont our Freshman year and both transferred to Arkansas, yet we didn't know each other until our Senior year of college.  He lives in Ft. Smith now, so we took the day to catch up on life!

I have 2 finals tomorrow both of which I have no clue what is on them.  That's the funny thing about graduate school, its WAY less pressure and so the professors seem to forget to tell you what to study for the final.  I'm really not worried about it though, seems I only need a 20% to get an A in both classes.  PTL that after I finish my portfolio, I will be done with projects for a while!

I was grading a stack of papers tonight.  Normally, I don't bring papers home with me to grade.  It's a little piece of advice that was passed on to me from another teacher that I admire deeply.  He was one of my graduate professors this past summer.  He told me  that it's necessary to separate your school life from your home life, and he never brings papers home with him to grade.  So I took his advice to heart, and try to never bring papers home.  I'm pretty good about getting everything graded before school starts, or during my plan.  BUT my students did a lab on Friday and it would be beneficial to them if they knew how they did on it before their test, so I broke my rule and brought papers home.  As I set staring at the stack I briefly contemplated giving them all 100's in order to not have to grade, but I knew this would not be helpful to them or me so grade I did.  While watching lifetime, of course :)

Sorry for the boring blog post but I'm not in a particular insightful kind of mood.  Just simple.  I'm simply ready for Christmas break to get here!

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