The Point of No Return

It has happened.  I have reached the point where I can not shove one more piece of information about the wonderful world of Biology in my brain.  Seriously.  Studying makes me want to throw up.

I have 5 tests in the next 2 days all on the wonderful subject of Botany.

Now as much as I love flowers, this is taking all of their beauty away from me.  Who cares about the life cycle of a pine?  Or why a peach is called a drope?  Did you know that anything with seeds is actually considered a fruit?  Yep, a cucumber is a fruit.

That is the extent of my knowledge in the field of Botany.  Lord help me when I actually have to teach this stuff.

It is so hard to study when I know of the fun that is to come over the next few weeks.  

UGH.  Undergrad.... I'm done with you!

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