Friends Don't Let Friends...

First of all, I apologize if I stepped on any toes.

Well, actually I don't.  But I hope we're still friends.

I was thinking today about the statement "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk".  Now this one is a no brainer, but I think there are a few other things friends shouldn't let friends do.

  • Friends don't let friends wear outfits that make them look pregnant, if they're not.  Boho tops... they just don't look cute on everyone, it's ok.
  • Friends don't let friends date dead beat guys.  Be a pal, tell her he's a loser.
  • Friends don't let friends eat an entire bucket of icecream alone.  That way, you can both feel guilty later and justify your actions to each other.
  • Friends don't let friends post bad pictures on facebook.  Wait... Friends don't post bad pictures of their friends on facebook... for long.  Ha!
  • Friends always tell friends that yes, they do look like they've lost 5 lbs and yes their boobs do look bigger.
  • Friends always try to run over friends' ex-boyfriends with their car.  It is not a felony if no one sees and he deserved it anyways.
  • Friends should never be the DD.  If you're having a good time, I wanna have one too!
  • Friends don't let friends make fools out of themselves...more than once.  (Everyone needs to be brought down to earth every once in a while)
  • Friends don't let friends skinny dip alone.
  • Friends ALWAYS tell friends of embarrassing stories that happen to them.  Can't keep a good thing to yourself!
  • Friends ALWAYS are on the look out for single guys for their single girlfriends (umm.. Hint Hint)
  • and lastly, Friends are always friends even after you have yelled, screamed, attempted to fight (ha), called either other every word in the book, and swear to never talk to each other again
Well because good friends only come around once in a lifetime, and we all know our lives are too short without a few crazy girlfriends!

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