Here's a quick funny story...

The other night I was at yoga (the class that was so hard I thought I was going to die), well at the end of every yoga class you are supposed to just lie on your back and cool down.  Then you're supposed to move into a fetal position and then slowly sit up (so you bring your body temp back down and don't pass out).  Well I was so wiped out that when we moved into fetal position I fell asleep.  Haha I woke up maybe 5 minutes later and quickly set up.  My teacher was just staring at me laughing.  Yea... I'm definitely the top student in that class.


  1. Jen, that is hilarious. I'm very glad you posted that story!

  2. When WAS this???? That is hysterical, you did not tell me this.

  3. haha The first monday night class that you didn't go to! I can't believe I didn't tell you??