Here's My Rant

Warning:  This is only intended for girls who are single (i.e not married).  These things totally do not apply to you married women :)

You know when you were little and you used to play "house".  You would spend hours pretending to clean, make dinner, and take care of your baby dolls.  Well... there's a new type of "house" girls are playing these days and it's not so sweet and innocent.  Let me introduce you to the 21st Century version of "house".

You know who you are.

You're the girl who spends every night at your boyfriends' house yet still turns your nose up at people who live together and aren't married.  You think you're better than those people and somehow not sinning because YOU are waiting until you get married to live with your boyfriend.  HERE'S A NEWS FLASH:  You ARE living with him.  Just because your clothes still remain in your closet at home doesn't mean anything.  So you no longer have a right to be so dang judgemental of the girls who live with their boyfriends when in fact YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING.

You're the girl who cooks her boyfriend dinner.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  NIGHT.  So much in fact that he has come to expect it.  In fact, you're just Mrs. Betty Crocker around here.  Must be so nice for him to come home to a home cooked meal every night.  Oh wait, but you pay for all those meals don't you?  And who cleans up after dinner.... you.  What does he do?  Oh... he's too tired from his LONG day of classes.  That's right, I get it.

You're the girl who goes over to his house and does ALL of his laundry every week.  Never mind the fact that he knows how to do laundry.  You do it, because somehow it makes you feel good about yourself.  Like, you can take care of him.  Just like his mom.... Oh wait, you don't WANT to be like his mom?

You drop EVERYTHING at a moments notice to spend time with him or cave in to his every whim and desire.  Oh you were supposed to have dinner with a girlfriend?  Too bad, HE is more important.  You needed to study for a final?  Nope, HE needs his dinner cooked.

All in the name of love, my dear.

Girls.... seriously.   Get a grip.  Playing "house" isn't going to make your man want to marry you any sooner.  In fact, it will probably only postpone marriage.  Why on earth would he choose to marry you when you already provide him with all the benefits of marriage?

Let's teach the women of our generation to be independent.  Wait... let me change this.  Let's teach the MEN of our generation to be independent.  You are not helping them by acting like their mothers.  Trust me, they have mothers for a reason.  Show yourself respect and act like a GIRLFRIEND.

I'm not saying you should never cook dinner for your boyfriend, or do his laundry if he seems to be really stressed and overwhelmed, and when you're in love with someone you definitely want to spend a lot of time with them.  I'm simply saying that you still can love a person and not loose your independence or self worth.  He will love you no matter what, and if he doesn't, then I'd say get rid of the creep!

Cheers to the girls who've got it right.  Now, take one of the ones who doesn't under your wing and teach her a thing or two about the world of dating.

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