I'm writing this blog as I am sitting in my incredibly interesting Plant Biology class (not). Every morning, I wake up at 6 a.m, get ready, and drive to Ft. Smith to then sit in the same classroom for FOUR hours. Now normally I love any type of science class, but this one is extremely boring. So... I bring my laptop and here I am!

All through High School I drove the cutest little white Jeep Liberty. I loved my jeep! Maybe it's because it was the first car I ever drove (by myself) but my friends and I always had so much fun and made so many memories in that Jeep. Well... the summer before I left for college, my parents decided they wanted me in a safer, more reliable car. Side note: My mom is a bit over-protective of me and was ALWAYS worried that I was going to flip my Jeep! Anyways... so after much looking we finally decided on a new Toyota Camry. I love my car! It's so fun to drive and fits me perfectly. Over the last year though, we have had nothing but problems with my car. Finally, we reached the last straw. I was driving to class Monday morning, and my radio kept turning itself off and on. I didn't really think much about it (except about how much it annoyed me) and kept on driving. I hit the middle of the tunnel and all of my power in my car cut off, and the speedometer immediately went to zero. To say that I panicked would be an understatement. I've decided that I'm not the type of person who would stay cool and calm in an emergency. So I'm still going 70+ miles down the interstate with no power. I call my dad, hysterical. He tells me to pull over and turn my car off. Then let it rest and turn it back on again. Thankfully, I had no more problems after that. I take it straight to the Toyota dealership when I get back in town so they could figure out the problem and fix it. OF COURSE, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I do believe that's also what happened before all those people were killed due to acceleration problems. So we are fed up with Toyota and my Dad vows to never buy one again. I won't either. Now, I have my mom's car while they take my car back to the dealership we bought it from. It's been an eventful week and it's only Wednesday!

Now fast forward today as I am cruising down the interstate on my way to class. I have somewhat a heavy foot, and what do you know I get pulled over for speeding. I have NEVER been able to talk my way out of a ticket. NEVER. Today was not the exception. I got a speeding ticket. My first one in over four years. My eyes teared up as I pulled away. Not because I didn't want to have to pay the ticket, but because I felt like such an awful daughter for getting one in the first place. Seriously, my parents have had to deal with so much lately, they don't need any more stress! So I've been sitting here all morning telling myself that I am not a bad person just because I got a speeding ticket and that my parents won't be disappointed in me or think I'm a terrible daughter.

Let's pray the rest of the week is fairly sane.

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