Meet the Love of My Life

I am supposed to be doing schoolwork, yet I can't seem to get motivated.  So I thought I would do a post on the love of my life (so far) Greenlee.  She is my best friend Summer's little girl and she is absolutely precious.  I hate not being able to get home more often than I do and feel like I am missing out on so much during her first year!
This was Summer and I at her baby shower last fall.  She was about 8 months pregnant here and just absolutely gorgeous!  We were very ready for Greenlee to get here by this time!

The first time I got to hold Greenlee.  She was not even a day old at this point and just so precious.  She was wide-eyed even from the very beginning!

Greenlee went on a girl's lunch with us one afternoon.  She's getting so big already!  Everyone in the restaurant was pointing and talking about how cute she was, I told Summer I was going to pretend she was mine.  Haha!

I never knew I would love her as much as I do!  Even though we aren't blood related, I'll always be her "Aunt Jen"

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