In my mind, there are two types of people in this world:  the ones who have to pay in taxes, and the ones who receive money back.   I always thought the "better off" typically tend to have to either pay in taxes when it comes tax season, or they simply break even.  Never, never do the "better off" get money returned to them.  The latter category of people get those nice little tax return checks.  This is the category of people who make considerably less money, and the government returns to them a portion of the money they paid in taxes all year.  I always though these type of people were either young, or poor.  Both, of which, I thought I was... being a student and all.

Well, imagine my surprise, shock, and eventually anger when I found out that I would have to pay in taxes this year.  What.  The.  Crap.  Seriously??

I have to PAY IN??

For fear you might be confused, I do not have a job.  I am completely dependent upon my parents who pay for everything of mine(and I'm not ashamed to admit that :) ).  For half of the year last year I was an intern at a church, but my salary there was definitely not breaking the bank.

So how in the world do I have to pay in taxes this year?

My mom laughs that this angers me so much, because as she said, "Jen, you'll know we will be the ones paying in for you".  But still... it's the matter at hand here.

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