A season of lasts...

With all the new exciting changes coming into my life, I have been busy looking forward to a season of firsts...

My first time to live by myself in a place all my own.

My first time in 5 years to live close to all members of my family.

My first job.

My first summer of freedom (without having to work or take a class or two).

I've been so caught up in all these firsts, that I've neglected to realize all the lasts that will take place over the next month.

My last few weeks of living with Tressa.  Our last morning talks on the porch over coffee...

 our last nights getting ready to go somewhere together...

our last times of crawling in each other's beds to laugh over what happened the previous night.

My last Monday lunches with some of the greatest people ever.

My last time to be considered a "student"  (for now)
My last few weeks at the church I've grown to love.

Last few Thursday nights at Theo's.

My last time to walk across the stage as a U of A graduate.

The last farmer's market, the last visit to Wilson park, the last late night car ride because we're bored and wide awake.

The last lunches, dinners, and coffee dates with precious friends who have made my time in Fayetteville a time I'll never forget.

The last time to consider this town home...

And so while I anxiously await a season of firsts, I can't help but notice that it is accompanied by a season of lasts.  This season, this season of learning who I am.  The season of gaining my independence, of choosing my path in life, has ended.  I've chosen my path, I have become the woman I'm meant to be. While I'm no where near grown, and my path will wind and curve.... I can't help but realize that this truly is, the end of an era.

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