Know Who You're Talking To

So I have grown up in a family of very, and I mean VERY independent, assertive women.  Every single woman in my family is very head strong, and not afraid to speak her mind.... Until you get to me.  I wouldn't exactly use assertive on my list of how I describe myself.

My mom and sister are always trying to get me to keep from getting walked all over.  Because in the past I have been... Walked all over that is.  I don't know what my deal is, I guess I'm too worried about coming across "mean".

Anyway, as I grow older I am becoming more and more outspoken, much to my Mom's relief.

So I always call my Mom and tell her when I have been really assertive about something and she gives me a pat on the back like I'm two all over again.  It's wonderful.

So my Grandma has had cancer since November, and while the Chemo is kicking the cancers butt (PTL)
it's also kicking my Grandma's you know what.  Poor thing just feels terrible for weeks after her treatments.  The other day I went to visit her, and we decided to meet my mom for lunch.  Well on our way, Grandma wanted to stop by the bank to deposit a rent check from her little golden girls that rent one of her rental houses (that's I'm patiently waiting to kick the bucket so I can take over renting the cute little house, just being honest here).  So up we pull to the drive through, and wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  Seriously?  So I honk.  No one comes to the window.  No problem, I tell Grandma, I'll just run your deposit in for you.  I enter the bank and there are two people waiting on customers.  One has her little "next window please" sign in front of her.  She's typing away on the computer, probably on Facebook.  No biggie though, I wait my turn for the other teller.  Well, I guess the one with the sign decided she should probably get off facebook and actually work so she tells me she will help me now.  I hand her the deposit ticket and she proceeds to tell me that since she doesn't know me, she will need to see ID.  I inform her it's my Grandma's account and she's in the car.  The girl then has the guts to tell me that I should just go through the drive through.  Ummm... Hello?  We were just there, waiting, for 10 minutes.   So I told her, "We tried to but no one came to the window".  She then says, "Well you are just going to have to be a little patient we only have two people working today!".  Um, ok.  First of all, there was only 1 other person in the lobby and I was the ONLY car in the drive through.  I'm sorry but I don't think your little bank off of a back road in Sherwood is the happenin' place around here.  I then proceed to tell her that's fine, we will go through the drive through AGAIN, but she shouldn't be so rude.

Little did she know, my Aunt knows all the big wigs of Metropolitan National Bank personally, and my cousin is the regional manager.  And we take it VERY personally when you are mean to someone in our family, especially when it deals with Grandma!

So needless to say that teller will be a little speedier to handle the drive through window.

Lesson of the day:  Don't be rude!

And kudos to me for being assertive!

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