Random Iphone Pics

I never post pictures from my iphone.  Mainly because I think it's a huge hassle to upload those pictures because the only way I know how to is to connect it to my computer.  Anybody wanna offer an easier way, I would much appreciate.

I love having a camera on my iphone because friends, family, and I always send each other random/funny pics to keep up and stay connected.

So here is the first installment of random iphone pics over the last year or so....

My aunt and my mom on the day my baby cousin, Stayton was born.

Greenlee's first picture.  Look at those lips! Precious!

Surgery #3

You have to look hard, but there is a massive copperhead snake in this picture.  Steph and I almost stepped on it during a walk one day.

Precious Reynolds.  

One of my students on nerd day.

The winning hallway design for NFL day that we spend all night working on!  I handmade all of those jerseys, and yes, it took forever!

Behind the scenes at Ashley's bridal pictures!

Boredom strikes during MAT classes, so what do you do?  Find chalk and stalk your professor.

During one of our girl's lunches last summer with Miss Greenlee.

Last, the x-ray of my leg.  I keep a copy of it in my wallet, and one on my phone for when I'm flying or going through security.  

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