Everybody Dies Famous In a Small Town

Growing up in a small town, we would often talk about how we couldn't wait to get out.  Everyone knew everything about you...  If you skipped church, If you got pulled over, Where you went for dinner last night, Who you're dating, Who your ex is dating... On and on....

We all lived in glass houses.

But growing up in that small town was the greatest thing that could have happened to us.

When we moved off to go to college, I would often wonder what town would be similar to ours.  Would we be the Rogers or NWA or Bentonville?  Were the girls from Fayetteville like my little clique who were as close as family?

Through these comparisons I realized that no where compares to where I came from.  There's nothing like it, and as I've grown older I've realized that the friendships I made growing up were unique.  Not many people have the friends I've had growing up.  Not many can say that they are still close to the same guys who used to tease them in grade school.

We are a unique bunch.

I loved growing up in a town where the thing to do on a Friday night was go to the high school football or basketball game, where there was, not a single empty seat.

Cheering at those games made you a celebrity.

Winning pageants... well that was newsworthy.

Those boys who made fun of us.... will always have our hands and our hearts.

They never fail to ask why I'm still dating jerks ( not sure), and to make sure I'm not spending a Saturday night alone... 

They're always there when we need a dinner out, a door opened, or a ride home from a night out way too late.

Every potential husband goes through a screening process... few of which have passed the test.

Living in a small town made us appreciate the finer things in life...

Riding with the sunroof down, music blaring...

Watermelon Peach Slushies from Sonic (Which is still a debate on who invented those... we did of course)

Huge co-ed sleepovers.

Camping trips, and skipping school to head to the lake.

And after all these years... it still amazes me that we are still as close as family.  Sure, some have gone away... some aren't as close, but our core group is still just as tight knit as ever.  

Only now our conversations have changed to jobs, and families, and life.

It's no wonder, then, why so many of us choose to go back to our little piece of serenity.  It's no surprise that we're the teachers, insurance agents, and bankers in that same small town.  

And while we're never guaranteed tomorrow, and none of us know where our futures may lead...

I wouldn't mind letting my toe-headed little girl run barefoot through those same fields that I ran wild and free...

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