In your life, you will undoubtedly run into a few people who just seem to be "lucky" at life.  They're the type of people who always make the 100 on the test (I have NEVER made a 100 on a test... never.)  They're going to get admitted into the college of their choice, receive the top scholarship, and upon graduating, land a great job.

Come on...you know one of these people.  Everyone does.

Of course, much of this does not come without good old fashion hard work.  I'm not discrediting these type of people at all... most of them are VERY deserving of their accolades, so please don't take me the wrong way.

But what I have learned about these type of people (I'm stereotyping a little bit here, but just go with me).   is that most of the time they only take one chance.  They apply to ONE college, ONE job... so on.  So, it seems as though they are lucky in life because they get everything they apply for, when in reality they don't take chances in which they know they have a risk of failing at.

In my life, I've failed A LOT.  I've competed in pageants that I never won, I applied for scholarships in which I didn't receive.  I have failed a few tests, I'll even admit that I have a "D" on my college transcript from a horrible horrible class my Senior year.

And now, I'm applying for jobs.  Even though "I think" that I am one of the most highly qualified applicants, I know that there will be some jobs I will be overlooked for.  There will be some I won't even be considered for, and I'm ok with that.  I'll never have to worry about chances not taken, because I've taken them all.

And so while I used to be envious of all the "lucky" people in the world, I realize now that I'm the lucky one.  With every failure I have gained humility, and learned valuable lessons.  Every accomplishment, then is just that much sweeter.

With chances, you have to take a leap of faith and completely trust in God.  It gives God the opportunity to come through in a BIG way.  You apply for a job you're way under qualified for, and score an interview.  You ace a test that you felt completely unprepared for.  You receive a scholarship just as your stressing how to pay for Graduate school.

And so with all my failures, I have also had numerous encounters with the living God who doesn't believe in "luck".

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