Consider me Employed

This will be my new home away from home.

Honestly I don't know why I haven't posted about this sooner, but I have am now a fully employed high school teacher!  

It is no secret that I have wanted to move closer to home for some time now, that being the case, I did not apply to any schools in NWA when I was putting out my initial applications back in March.  I had my eye set on a position at my hometown high school, and was in talks about the job.  I was looking forward to being closer to home, but still had a few hesitations in my heart.  

A couple of weeks later, I learned the position at my hometown high school was to be put off for another year.   So I started looking at other options and praying for the best school district for me.

Soon after, a position opened up at the top high school in our state.  It is known for being incredibly hard to get a job in, especially in you don't know anyone.  Having not interned there, I almost dismissed the idea of even putting in my application.  Also, because I was still intent on moving back to the Central Arkansas area.  

As I was struggling with the idea of even applying for the position, my Mom told me "It's your job to open the doors, and God will close any He sees not fit".  So I applied, still not really expecting anything.

I heard from the Principal of the High School the very next week, and so started the series of interviews which eventually led to me being offered the job.

It's been amazing to see God's hand in all of this.  I can't take credit for anything, He orchestrated every single step of the entire process from me being hired, to finding the perfect living arrangements, to finding the perfect church and so on....  One of my best friends from the MAT program will even be teaching there next year with me!  It will be SO great having someone (who is also new) to bounce ideas off of.  Our PLC (Professional Learning Community) is full of the nicest people, and I think I'm going to love working in such a great environment!

In my wildest dreams I could have not imagined nor planned being in this position last year this time.  Although I am incredibly sad that I will still be at least 3 hours away from the rest of my family, I fully believe this is where God wants me for now.  Plus, I have a guest bedroom for anyone who wants to come visit!

I am so thankful that I have a job.  I fully understand the pressure and stress of searching for jobs in our economy, and do not take lightly the good fortune and blessing I have received in being offered a job this early in the game.  I pray daily for all my other teacher friends searching for their perfect fit and know that they will find their home away from home too!  


  1. Wait, so is it bad that I don't know what the top high school in the state is? Does "Tiger Stadium" mean its Bentonville?

  2. haha yes it's Bentonville! At least you know your mascots!

  3. haha. i've still got a little nwa left in me! but i was hoping it was bentonville because my friend-for-life, kimmery will be teaching math there this fall! did you ever know her from central? she used to drop by my moms office all the time.


  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE Kimmery! We interned together at Lincoln High School. She is so sweet. I was excited when I found out she was interviewing there.
    It's a small world!