I'm a perfume lover, and tend to collect quite a few.  Let me share my favorites with you...

This smells SO good!  It's my go to winter spray, as it's a little bit heavier than the others.  

As you can tell.. I LOVE DKNY Perfumes.  The Red Delicious one is a great spring/summer perfume.

Of course every girl should have a least something "Juicy" in her wardrobe.  Mine is my perfume.  This is my go to "everyday" perfume.

Any time I want to reminisce about my high school days, I just spray on a little Lucky.  It still smells so good, and is another great every day spray.  It can also be layered with a fun body spray for a night out!

My ultimate favorite... Bond No.9 Astor Place.  Oh my gosh.  This stuff smells SO good and I always get complemented on it when I wear it.  I'm going to warn you, it is pricey.  I tend to save this for only special occasions or date nights :)

I hope you enjoyed and you'll try a new scent next time your at the  department store counter!

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