Summer MUST Haves

It's true to say that I have a LOT of little beauty secrets.  Blame it on the pageant lifestyle, or growing up in a family of girls... Either way, consider yourself lucky because I'm going to share a few of them.  Including one that I've never shared before, because quite frankly I didn't want anyone else to know about this amazing tip! HA!

First on the list of summer must haves is a good glow.  Now, now, now I would like to think that all of you have recognized the horror of the tanning bed and have turned from your evil ways.   I know, I know its hard...  But let me introduce you to my little friend...

Introducing... the tan towel.  This little thing will become your best friend for when you don't want to go get an airbrush tan.  At only $30 a pack, you can afford to use these every few days!  It's basically fool proof too!

It's just not summertime if you don't have a yummy body wash to bathe with every morning.  Strawberry by The Body Shop is the BEST summer smell!  Smells just like a fresh strawberry patch.

Now we all love lake days, but we don't love the way the lake makes our hair look.  I keep this spray in my beach bag and take it with me everywhere in the summertime.  When I get out of the water I simply comb through my hair with my fingers and spray this in.  It smells Uh-Mazing and leaves my hair with that perfect beachy wave.

Every girl needs a good lipgloss and I'm obsessed with my Laura Mercier ones.  They come in the most fabulous shades, and at only $22 a piece, you can afford to buy more than one!

And now... drum roll please....

My number 1 beauty tip never before shared....

Borghese Splendore.  This stuff is heavenly.  Ever wonder how those models get that perfect glowing skin that makes all their muscles look so precise and lengthens their legs??  It's this little beauty right here.  I learned this trick back in my pageant days, and have been using it ever since when I have a night that I want to look particularly good...ha.  Not gonna lie, this stuff is pretty pricey.  But it lasts FOREVER!  Just take a dab and mix in with your favorite lotion to place on your legs and collar bone!

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