Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Today is Chelsea's birthday!!!  We became friends while I was dating her brother, and even though I'm not dating her brother anymore, we've remained friends.  Funny how life works that way!

Although today is her real birthday, we celebrated a few weeks ago while everyone was in town.  

Chelsea and I spent the afternoon shopping for her perfect birthday outfit, complete with the most amazing turquoise heels.  Seriously.  They're to die for.  

We started the night off @ Powerhouse (well else can you go for a better birthday celebration??)

Note to self:  Wear bronzer so you don't look like a ghost.  

I digress...

We ran into Ash who was there celebrating the end of the MAT with her cohort!  Actually, we ended up sitting a table over from her crew, so it made for a really fun night!

Isn't Chelsea's dress fabulous?  It's from the one and only, Riffraff.

Anyway, so after Powerhouse, we ventured over to Grubs.  Unbeknownst (is that even a word?) to us, it was Military Night at Grubs.  AKA, You'll get hit on so many times that you'll wish you weren't pretty.  

Have you ever seen the episode of SATC where all the Navy boys come into the city for one night?  Yea.. it was like that, except minus the charm.  Don't get me wrong, I love our Military.  But I don't love being looked at like a piece of meat.  Gross.

Anyway, we had a great night celebrating Chelsea, eating good food, and catching up with old friends!

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!  Who would have known that by dating your crazy big brother I would meet one of my lifelong friends?  You are one of the strongest girls I know, and always so much fun to be around.  I can't wait for this summer, and everything else the future has to hold for you!

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