Yesterday, a good friend of mine got me to listening to a sermon on the Internet. Now, I have NEVER enjoyed just listening to sermons in my spare time. But this guy, Mark Driscoll, is incredible! He speaks right on my level and I can't get enough. I learn so much through every one of his lessons.
Here's what I learned today:
God doesn't choose us to go through bad situations. I always thought He did. I thought He chose certain people to experience certain hardships, but this isn't true. Wow, this totally changes my perspective on some things. We experience hardships because of SIN. Our sin, or someone else's. God hurts for us, weeps for us, grieves for us. This is not how He intended for us to live. But, as a Christian, we can be confident that God uses every situation for our sanctification. We, through inflictions, are sanctified. How comforting to know that God works through every situation for the good of His people. I love this.

If you wanna check him out go to www.marshillchurch.org

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