Can't Live Without

It seems like every day I am reminded of something else I "can't live without" in my life. Ok... that sounds a little snobby. I'm not talking about material things here (well maybe a few), but primarily "life" things. And some things that I want in a husband I guess :)

Here are a few just in case you're interested:

* I want to teach a little kids Sunday School class with my Husband some day.

* I want to get flowers more than just on my birthday, valentine's day, and anniversary. I want flowers just randomly on some Wednesday afternoon, for no reason at all other than the fact that He thinks I deserve flowers. (haha ok so this one probably sounds a little snobbish)

* I want to stop being so dang tired all the time.

* I want to start tanning/working out again, but that would require me to have a little more energy than I do now.

I won't overflow you with my wants because the list could get rather long.... ha

And here's my rant of the evening:

I'm re-reading a book called Captivating. It's really really wonderful and I would recommend any girl to read it (and any guy who wants to dig deeper into his girl's world). It really makes sense out of a lot of things that women struggle with.

Anyone could tell you that a key difference between men and women is relationships. Women are all about having relationships and men really couldn't care less. Women NEED to have a sense of belonging, someone to share their secrets with, someone to laugh with, cry with and just be with. This is why women constantly surround themselves with friends, and are incredibly unsatisfied is they have not a friend to call their own. Women NEED Friends! But the frustrating thing is, no matter how close of friends you have, as a woman you still crave for those relationships to be deeper. Even if you just walked away from an amazing conversation, you instantly need more. I just learned that God made us this way. He made us so deeply need relationships, and companionship. And He made it that we would always have that longing for "more" until we turn to Him, the only thing that can fill that longing. Now guys need friends too, but they don't have the same intense desire for companionship that we do. Things make so much more sense to me now!

Ok enough of that, I have to shadow early in the morning so I should probably be heading to bed soon :)

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