Each week I think life is going to slow down, and it doesn't. Not one little bit. I like to be busy now, but really I'm not sure how much busier I can get! I am constantly running, running, running. I know I have WAY too many things I am committed to, but I absolutely love everything that I do! Oh well... Thanksgiving is just right around the corner :)

Recap of the weekend:

I got to go home last Thursday evening in the midst of Hurricane Arkansas. Let me tell you, I am so sick of rain. I especially do not like driving in it. At one point in my drive, I was in tears. I mean, I'm not a good driver already and add some rain... well you get the picture. It ended up taking me about 3 and 1/2 hours to get home but I finally made it!

One of my favorite things about going home (besides seeing my family of course) is my bath tub. I am a girl who absolutely LOVES baths. I mean really loves them. My bathtub at home is heavenly. It's very very deep with a never ending supply of hot water because I have my own hot water tank for my side of the house. It's just wonderful and always makes me so happy!

On Friday night, I decided to be brave and venture out with my sisters for a night in Little Rock. The evening began with dinner at YaYa's. I love fine dining. I feel a little guilty for saying that, but its true. Everything about it makes me happy. I just love being able to dress up and feel totally like a girl. And there's something about having to make reservations that always makes it that much more special. It's like the guy thought ahead. Haha. So we went to Yaya's and the food was incredible. It's making my stomach growl right now just thinking about it. Then we went to a few different bars to hang out, karaoke, and have a few drinks. I have decided Little Rock is my town. I just love the night life. Everything is very laid back and chill. Not so much that way up here in Fayetteville when you are packed like sardines!

On Saturday, My mom and I went to visit my Cousin, Julie, who just had a baby boy on October 19th named Stayton Blaine. He is the cutest thing ever and I instantly fell in love with him. I forgot how tiny newborn babies are. So precious. I loved it!

Sunday, I went to a new church that my parents have been attending called Cornerstone. My aunt and uncle go there also. I really liked it. Then, we had Sunday lunch at my house and everyone came over. It was really great, and my sister introduced everyone to Nathan (a big step for her!).

Finally Sunday evening, my parents and I sat down and discussed my future :) Evidently there is some reason why God doesn't want me to graduate in the spring so I'm just gonna go with it and postpone until the fall of 2010. Hopefully** this means I'll have a little bit more free time next semester. Then... the future is open! Who know's where God will lead me next!

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