Life is better with company...

"When you think about it, the most memorable moments of your life.... Were you alone?"

I remember....

Sitting on the front of John Mark's boat. The sun setting, as he's teaching all of us girls how to drive a boat "because that's an important thing to know how to do", Kenny Chesney's "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" was playing in the background. We were in the summer before our 10th grade year and there really were no problems....

Cheering for countless girls basketball games my 10th grade year. I think we wanted those girls to win state about as badly as they wanted to. I remember being heartbroken for them when that bad call was made on Brittany in the final moments of the game, handing the title over to the other team.

Many afternoons spent with Christi in Mr. D's chemical closet, contemplating rather we should run away and leave graduating behind just so we wouldn't have to grow up.

I remember many walks up the hill to John Mark's house in the early hours of the morning as we "snuck out" of Christi's house to go hang out with the boys.

Mtn. Dews were called "Dewskies"

Every weekend I wouldn't come home untill Sunday night and spent every single hour of them with my 4 best friends: Loni, Christi, Ashley, and Summer.

Kaleb getting arrested for stripping in the bowling alley parking lot.

Me trying to punch Summer. It didn't go so well.

The night Ashley thought it would be wise to hit on Christi's little brother.

Having to drive Whitney's car home on graduation night, only problem was it was a stick shift and I had no clue how to drive one.

Bawling my eyes out the night before we all left for college.

Calling Christi every single day of my first semester of college, wondering why on earth we ever chose to go to seperate schools.

How excited we were when I finally got up to Fayetteville and we were roommates.

Many many nights spent in JohnMark and Shawn's room simply because Christi and I didn't want to go back to Reid....

How excited we were when we convinced Ashley to come up to Fayetteville.

I remember John Mark doing a strip tease in the upper hallway of our duplex.

I remember many nights when Christi and I would say "ok we are really going to go to sleep now" only to still be up hours later discussing life.

I remember learning how to shoot my first gun on Jack Tyler's farm.

I remember never eating in any of the campus cafeterias.

I remember going to one restaurant on Dickson every single week because Christi and I thought the waiter was hot.

I remember the first night I spent in my "own" house.

I'm pretty sure I have WAY too many memories... but I LOVE life!

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