Sad Week

I'm supposed to be writing the next chapter of my dissertation, but that can wait.

Last week I was so so sick!  It came on suddenly and left just as quickly.  But not getting to see my guy for several days was not fun (I didn't want to get him sick, since he leaves for NYC next week).  Not to mention the thought of not getting to see my precious Heely next week if I was STILL sick was making me really sad.  Add on to that my last day at my first rotation was Friday, let's just say I was a ball of emotions last week.  Poor guy for putting up with it.

On thursday, I had my students feel out an evaluation on how they felt of me as a teacher.  Here are some of their sweet/funny responses:

"What was your favorite lesson I have taught?"

  • "My favorite lesson was the skeletal system because we made a model"
  • "When we drank the kool-aid" 
  • "When we made the s'mores"
  • "The model that I finished"

"What is your favorite memory of having me as a teacher?"

  • "That you always help me a lot and made science really fun for everyone"
  • "That you were always trying to help"
  • "That you always helped everybody"
  • "When you taught us kinetic energy, I really understand it a lot better than I did last year"
  • "The first day I was here, you were the kindest teacher here"
  • "The party"
  • "When we ate the s'mores"
  • "When I had a question, you were always there"
  • "On your first day, everyone asked if your eyes were real or not"

"What is one thing I should change in order to be a better teacher?" 

  • "Getting everyone quiet, p.s do not be afraid to yell"
  • "I think you shouldn't change anything"
  • "You're fine just the way you are"
  • "You should come teach on Mondays instead of going to your college classes"
  • "We could make s'mores more often"

"What would you like me to remember about you?"

  • "I want you to remember me like one of the students you helped the most"
  • "My name"
  • "That I was loud"
  • "As the kid with the jacked-up knee and the awesome handwriting"
  • "How I am a bad kid"

"If you have anything else you would like me to know, tell me here"

  • "You're the best teacher"
  • "I would like that one day you could come back"
  • You were one of my favorite teachers I have ever had and I hope to have you again"
  • "Don't go"
  • "Without you everyone will feel like they're in a trash with a lot of diapers in it."
  • "You're going to be a great teacher and you have a good sense of fashion"

It made me so sad on Friday to have to leave them, and I will definitely always remember them.  They have left such an imprint on my heart and I just hope that somehow I have impacted their lives as well.

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