As a Family

If there's one thing my mom always taught me growing up... it's this.

Whenever things got tough, whenever bad things happened, whenever we didn't know how we could possibly get through another day, she always told me we had to pick up the pieces and we'd get through it, "as a family".

When my sister got pregnant, unexpectedly at a young age,  "We'll get through this... as a family"

When my beloved Uncle died.  "We'll get through this, as a family"


Breaking my leg.

Having my heart broken.

Sudden Deaths of Close Friends




That's right... "As a family"

You see... Any problem that has affected one member of my family, has affected us all.  We all got through those difficult times by relying on each other, and relying on God.

So I knew today when I got that phone call that she'd tell me those words I'd heard all my life...

"We'll get through this, as a family"

And that's just what we'll do.  Because, you see, although life might throw twists and turns along the way.... it's always a beautiful ride.   And while cancer is the single, scariest word our human minds can process, it's not scary to God.  It gives Him the opportunity to show up in a BIG way.  And that's just what we need....

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