Baby Heelyn is on her way!

So I'm sitting in class--a class in which my professor insisted that we bring our computers to, bad idea-- and I'm very very bored as we analyze test scores and use excel to do way to many complicated math equations.  I thought I became a science teacher so I wouldn't have to do complicated math anymore.  Not so much so.  Anyway, so I'm bored and I thought I would update my blog since I seem to be straggling at that lately.  I might also change the look of it around.  Just maybe.

I got the greatest phone call EVER today!

My sister is in the early stages of labor!!!  She's dilated at 2 cm and the doctor told her if baby Heelyn doesn't come on her own, he will induce her on Friday!

Woo hoo!!!!

I get to meet and hold my precious niece this week!!!  I am SOOOOO excited!

I can hardly sit still I'm so excited!

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