Sorry I've been slightly MIA.  Last week was our "work week" for the MAT program.  Basically, we get one week off in between each rotation to catch up on sleep (much needed), catch up on projects (very needed), and work on our dissertation (crucial).  I chose to cruise on out of Fayetteville and spend my week in the Central park of Arkansas, loving on my little niece and helping my sister as she recovers (broken ribs from her c-section...ouch!).

I love this little cutie

She's a mighty good little sleeper too... haha

Other than spending time with little Heely, I was able to get caught up on all my work.  Mom and I also did some much needed shopping...haha.  

My sister looks absolutely incredible, I can only hope to look half as good as she does after I have my first child :)

Are you sick of Heelyn pictures yet?

My dad is seriously a baby hog.  He LOVES little babies.... it's really quite funny.  You have to steal Heelyn away from him if he's around.

See... isn't she gorgeous?  Her and Kyle had their first date night away from Heelyn this past Friday.  Shannon was so anxious to leave Heelyn (with her mimi mind you, Kyle's mom) that she made Kyle take her somewhere really quick so they wouldn't be gone too long.  My mom banned them from talking about Heelyn while they were away, haha.  She says that's the key to a good relationship, to not always talk about the kids when you're out on dates.  I think she might be on to something :)

Sorry if I bored you with Heelyn pictures, but I'm so in love with her!  They are coming to visit this weekend and are staying with me, I'm so excited!!

Well... I start my new rotation this week at Central Junior High in Springdale.  Wish me luck!

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