Here's my rant.

I read somewhere that the average age for marriage for a woman is 27 and for a man is 29.  This literally made me laugh, and I began to wonder what the average age in the South would be.  Well, I couldn't find any statistics on that, but the South DOES have the highest divorce rate in the country.  Hmm... could it be because traditionally Southern women get married at a much younger age than the rest of the country?  I guess we'll never know.  What I do know is that every time I get on facebook, I see more and more engagements, pending weddings, or wedding photos.  I'm not cynical, I think marriage is a great thing.... WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.  The problem with my generation, in my particular area of the country, is that girls think something is wrong with them if they are not getting married a weekend after they graduate college.  This is crazy!!  I hate this!  What happened to enjoying one moment at a time?  Why can't you learn to be independent and learn who you are before rushing off to be someone else's wife?  Do you even know where your income is coming from?  Sorry if this sounds harsh, I just feel too many women are disillusioned by what they think marriage is, or they only think they're complete if they have a ring on their finger and someone else's last name.   This is not true.  Don't even get me started on the baby thing.  Whatever happened to waiting several years after you were married to start trying to have kids?  Now days, most couples start trying soon after the first year of marriage.  This is crazy.  It's like they become bored with their lives and want the next big thing.  Now, I know I'm stereotyping here and making assumptions.  But if you're 22 years old, you can WAIT to have kids.  Having a baby changes EVERYTHING.  Enjoy the time alone with your husband, save for your future, take trips together, enjoy spontaneity.  That all goes out the window once you have a child.  

That's my rant.

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