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This is how I feel....

Last week I had to turn in Chapter 1 & Chapter 3 of my dissertation.  Chapter 1 had already been previously graded from which I only missed 1.4 pts.  Now my professor would re-grade Chapter 1 and grade Chapter 3.  Yes, Chapter 3.  Not Chapter 2.  That will come later on in the story.  Still with me?  Ok, good.
So I collect Chapter 1 & Chapter 3 which have now been graded and much to my shock I received not nearly quite the grade I was hoping for (Ok, it still was an 86% but my grade was not B material.  It was A material).  Not to mention my professor had changed his mind and decided that now he wanted to dock points on my Chapter 1.  After he graded it.  Not cool.  Evidently once you're in Grad school professors feel they can do this kind of stuff to you.
So I emailed my professor telling him that I needed to schedule a meeting with him last week to discuss my paper.  My Chapter 2 was due this week and I didn't want to continue to do the wrong thing.  
This was on Tuesday of Last Week.
Wednesday..  No hear from professor.
Thursday...No hear from professor.
Friday... Nothing.
Jack Squat.
In the age of iphones, there's really not a reason to leave an email un-responded to.  Come on Prof.  I know you check your emails everyday.
So I attempted to read his scribble handwriting and correct my chapters to the best of my knowledge.
This morning I marched right up to the front and asked him why he did not respond to me.
**Shocked face, gasp, oh the horror***
He said, "What do you mean I never responded.  I ALWAYS email my students back"
Me, "Well evidently you don't."
He then agreed to let me come by his office to talk and turn in my paper tomorrow.  Mind you, I already put 20+ hours into this chapter this weekend.  But, glad to have help I agree to go to his office and discuss my dissertation.  
I arrive in his office and he tells me my topic is simply too complicated and I need to make it simpler.  What?  I thought we were in Graduate school here.  When is complicated a bad thing.
Overall, the meeting was positive though (except for the fact that I now have 10+ more hours of work to do).
As I'm leaving I tell him to make sure to give me my five points for turning my paper in on time (we get five easy points to being on the ball).  He says he won't give me my points because it won't be on time tomorrow.  
Me, mad " If it wasn't for you not responding, I would have had my paper done on time.  Not to mention I did have a copy of it finished this morning.  YOU said I could turn it in tomorrow in order to meet with you because YOU did not respond to my email"
He says, "I'll have the points with you"
I say, "No.  I want all my points.  This is not my fault."
He says, "Well really the points don't matter."

Well yes they do because you moved your grading scale up and in a 100pt class 5 pts really DO matter.

Moral of the story:  LOVE graduate school.  Tolerate the professors.

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