The Weekend in Review

Last weekend was VERY busy.  It all began on Thursday night with Ian's birthday celebration.  We went to Kobe and then out on Dickson to celebrate with him!  Lots of fun was had, and of course we didn't even make it in until around 3 a.m .  Needless to say, Ash and I were incredibly tired for our classes that next morning!  

The birthday boy, and Ashley.

The girls came and met up with us after dinner.  
Left to Right:  Ashley, Me, Katie, Tressa, Amy & Kim

My handsome date, Andrew.

Of course Ian had to spoil the picture.

I can't believe in a little over a month, these two will be Mr. & Mrs.  I love ya'll so much and CANNOT WAIT!

Then, on Saturday night Andrew and I went to an engagement party for his friends Pat & Katie at Powerhouse.  It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed meeting all his friends although I will admit I was incredibly nervous beforehand :)  Afterwards, we went to Sideways where we met up with a few of my friends and then ended the night way too late at West Inn.

Overall, the weekend was great but I was a little tired come Sunday morning!  Oh well... I can sleep when I'm dead ;)

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