Cherry Grove Part One

Last week my family went to South Carolina to meet up with my absolute favorite family in the whole wide world-The Torino's for family vacay.  We have known the Torino's for a long time and I've practically grown up with their boys, Tammy is like a second mother to me.  So needless to say, I was beyond excited when I realized that I could fly down there to meet up with everyone for a couple of days.  Here are some pictures in review that I stole from my sister's camera, since I haven't uploaded the ones from mine yet... don't worry, those are soon to come.

Our house for the week, on Cherry Grove Beach.

Shortly after arriving, My nephew, Hunter, my sister, and I

The boys, being...well boys.

Words cannot describe how much I adore these guys and how much I love them.  Seriously, they have grown up into the most incredible men and they adore me, I'm one very lucky girl!  Not to mention, Taylor will be my future husband ;)

I was tired, and very ready for dinner.

Me and Mom after a long day of flying/driving.

Our cabana boy for the week, Kyle (also known as Shannon's boyfriend)

My beautiful and very pregnant sister.

Oh, how I love her!

In case you can't tell...we're sisters.

Family game night :)

Sooo excited about the shark the boys found!

To be continued...

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