Not Jenny from the block.

One of my teachers insists on calling me Jenny.  Nevermind how much I tell him that I do not like the nickname "Jenny" and that he may call me any other nickname he thinks of, he still calls me Jenny.  Oh well, he's funny so I guess I'll let it slide.

Great News... I got an A on my first official graduate paper!  Now, I have been called a great writer and a terrible writer.  Never anything in between.  Either you love my writing style, or you hate it.  I'm also a very passionate person about causes that I believe in, in particular teaching and reaching out to "high-risk" students.  My paper was about creating a classroom environment that promotes equality and is conducive to learning.  At the end of my paper my teacher wrote this:

Tell me the truth.  Do you really believe what you are writing?

Well... yes.  I do.  I truly want to make a difference in the lives of teenagers, I know it sounds cliche but that's just me.

Oh and let me just say that I don't appreciate having students in my class who have degrees in Creative Writing.  It really creates an unfair advantage!

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