How do you define success?

Ok so I found these random questions online, and I really liked them.  So I decided that occasionally I will post one on my blog and answer it for myself.  But I also want YOU to post in the comments section your answer to the question, because after all, everyone is unique and thinks differently!

So here's the first one:

To me, success is having the ability to lay down at the end of every day knowing that you have loved truly, laughed your hardest, and done your best for that day.  It's knowing that tomorrow is a new day to start again.  Success is knowing when you are wrong and apologizing or trying to fix whatever you have messed up.  Success is understanding that God is in control and we are NOT.  Therefore, success is not attempting to change the past but learning to accept the present.  Success is finding out what your passion is in life and pursuing it with everything you have.  It is loving deeply and fully, even if that just means loving your dog.  Success is celebrating in other's joy and weeping during their sorrows. Success is not material possession or fame or notoriety.  It is being the celebrity of a kindergarten class, or the pride and joy of your parents lives.  Success is in the small things, in the details of life that many people overlook.  This is to truly succeed.

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