I know I have been MIA lately, and the truth is that I have been locked out of my gmail account (which I post on my blog from) due to the fact that I forgot what my username is. Haha. That's pretty typical of me. So in the meantime, I am posting from my phone. How great technology is. I will post at a later date all that has happened since spring break, but here are a few highlights:

I got accepted into my masters program!!!! Praise Jesus! I am so so so happy and excited and GRATEFUL that I am not having to look for a job right now :)

I am out of the boot from my surgery and I got my stitches removed last Friday. I'm so glad, they were so annoying! My leg feels great, my ankle is just really weak so I've been really trying to stengthen those muscles.

I am so thankful for renewed, restored, and new friendships that God has brought into my life. Having such a great support system makes the hard times not so hard....

We just began the 2nd part of our Daniel study by Beth Moore and it is amazing! The book of Daniel is just overflowing with prophecy and really intertwined with the book of revelation. It is really neat getting to learn about all the different theology concerning heaven, hell and the endtimes.

It was different being away from my family for Easter this year, but I loved getting to see all my kids at church and spending the afternoon with some amazing girlfriends. I have been reminded so much these past several weeks of the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and when we repeatedly sin it is like we are throwing that sacrifice in His face.

That's all for now! Love you all :)

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