To answer the question...

Yes, I am still locked out of my gmail account. What's a girl to do?
I have been praying for focus because I knew that I would have a really stressful and busy month, well I think God gave me a little too much focus and I've been the energizer bunny lately! Seriously, this dedication to my schoolwork has come out of nowhere and it's amazing!! I don't know how I could have ever gotten everything done these past several weeks. Proof of Gods amazing goodness!
I seriously need prayers for my petitions that I am waiting on. They will determine whether or not I have a super crazy summer or just a crazy summer. The committee is meeting on April 28th so if you think of me then, I'd really appreciate the extra prayers.
I'm sick right now so that's a major bummer, and I'm taking my Praxis 2 on Saturday so I will be in the library all day tomorrow studying for it. Wish me luck:)
Love you all, sorry for such a boring post.

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