Thursday Tidbits

I am currently loving my new spring candles that make my apartment smell like an island paradise.

Somehow, my birthday always turns into a multi-day event. It began today with bliss cupcakes from the ladies I work for. Yummm...

Typically I don't stray from my lavender vanilla bubble bath, but I found a new sent that smells like oranges and it is simply wonderful.

Yes I am still locked out of my gmail account.

I love my girlfriends and especially nights like tonight. Low key, dinner and a great chick flick. I'm going to miss them so much next year.

Steph and I walked lake Fayetteville yesterday and almost stepped on a copperhead snake.

I have the WHOLE month of may off. I haven't had this kind of break since my senior year of high school!

Several of my friends are getting married, one is pregnant, one has a beautiful baby girl, and one has been searching for her dream job. Wow. Did we grow up already?

I love the fact that my future is wide open...

It's a good thing that I love all my friends' husbands/fiancées and they don't mind setting an extra place at the dinner table.

I love driving around with my sunroof open.

My parents and sister are
Coming up this weekend!

I ordered new furniture for my apartment, and I can't wait for it to get here so I can
Decorate! Wow I sound old...

That's all!

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  1. Jen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A little late, sorry :) Also, are you going to be in Fayetteville next year? Just wondering.... Hope you have a wonderful week!