Surgery Round 3

Well today was one of my orthopedic appointments. I always get a little nervous when I go in for an appointment because I am always fearful that something is going to be wrong with my leg. My worries subsided when Dr. Pleiman (who is wonderful btw) told me everything looks great on my xrays and that all my hardware in my leg looks good too. He then asked me about pain and I explained to him that my leg gets really stiff easily and that it is still difficult to walk long distances and I don't feel 100% back to normal. He encouraged me to think about having all of the plates and screws that are in my leg removed. He said that by removing them I will have a lot more mobility in my leg and it will just make me feel much better. He said there's no hurry, just whenever, if I decide to go ahead with the surgery. After talking to my mom, I think we are leaning towards going ahead and having the surgery over Christmas so I will have Christmas break to recuperate, and then will feel much better next semester. So here we go surgery round 3!

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