10 things I'm happy about right now:
* I'm actually starting to feel human again after my 24 hr bug.
* I love my new uggs. I have wanted uggs for the past 3 years but have refused to buy them because of how expensive they were. They are completely worth every penny! So comfy!
* Tomorrow is a Razorback game day! Woo hoo!
* I love the time of year when you get to register for new classes next semester. It makes me really excited to think about all the different classes I could take.
* Next semester will be my last semester of college. I can't believe how fast it has gone by!
* Tonight is going to be a completely lazy night at home.
*I have a starbucks gift card. Enough said.
*It's almost the holidays! My favorite time of the year!
* I got my car back FINALY!!!
*Tonight I might actually get some of that online class done that I've been procrastinating for the past 6 months...

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