The blog is back!!! So sorry for the temporary disappearance....

I will catch everyone up on my life soon, I know you're just dying to know ;)

Before then... I would like to post a prayer my sister wrote for Heelyn on her blog.  If you're not laughing at the end of this, then either 1) You don't know my family, or 2) You don't have a sense of humor.  Both, of which, are rather unfortunate for you.

"Dear lord - Please keep my little crazy head safe and healthy while she grows up. May you bless my daughter and let her meet all of her milestones on time or near the time everyone else does...no one likes an over achiever . May you watch over her when she begins to walk,  she may be clumsy for I fear that this is a family trait that will be passed on (you know all about her aunt j). Please watch over her and give her strength and courage when she makes it to grade school and is taller then everyone in her class (thanks Kyle !!!!!) .  Please help her have quick wit so she can shut down the bean pole comments but also the sense to know when and she can and cannot use this during class . Dear lord I also pray that you give her mommies abilities to sing and dance (you've seen Kyle do both, since you did not spare me this luxury please spare heelyn's friends). I ask that when heelyn becomes boy crazy you give her daddy the patience to deal with all the boys that aren't good enough for his baby girl. For the boys that are just like Kyle please give them the common sense to know that they are not going to have a chance or pull a slick one over on Kyle ... (he's been there, done that, has the ink to prove it. Nothing is going to fly when it comes to his baby girl) During this time in heelyns life please give her the patience to deal with her daddy. (he just loves her so much and doesn't want her dating a little Kyle!) Lord I would also like to ask that when she enters early adult hood no permanent ink makes it to her body , or any Chinese symbol, crown, angel wings etc... appears on the small of her back. ( I mean doesn't Kyle have enough ink for the whole family ?) I ask that when she gets older and she is sitting in a restaurant thinking "this is so easy idk why everyone said having a baby was hard" that her beautiful baby begins to sound like a small army with machine guns followed by green and orange sludge that manages to puddle into mommies lap and makes it all the way up her childs back and mats up her beautiful blonde red hair. She then at that time thinks of me and remembers at one time this was her and I , and I loved her so much that I simply laughed and pressed on with poopy stained jeans. Lastly I ask that when she is laying there at 4 in the morning with a baby gnawing and drooling on her shoulder she thanks you for giving her a little bundle of joy just like you gave me , for she has been such a life changing blessing ."

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