Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we had! With the past two weekends being crazy (think sickness, and going out of town for family events) it was nice to just have a weekend with "no plans". Friday night we met up with 3 other couples for dinner at Shogun and then fun at fast lanes afterwards. What would you know almost half of my cheer squad was there, at the lane right next to us. I guess that's what happens when you live, work, and play in the same town. They were beyond delighted to see me outside of school, it was a little awkward for me and Jeremy to be perfectly honest.

In the end we dominated at both laser tag AND bowling!

Saturday, we tried out the new flying fish in bentonville. So happy we have one up here now!
It was very good :)
Then we ran a few erronds and got all the supplies necessary for Jeremy to make me my new jewelry organizer. Thanks Pintrest!

Sunday was spent at church, lunch, and just enjoying the day. A perfect kind of weekend.

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