Since I've been gone...

Life seems to get really busy when you have a new job and a special someone in your life... Let me catch you up on life lately!

I made it through football, basketball, and competition season with my cheerleaders. I can't believe I'm about to welcome a new group of girls for the next year!

I'm on the downhill slope of my first year of teaching. I've learned so much and still love going to work every day. That means something, right? For the most part, I've had a great group of kids for my first year.

Sweet Heelyn celebrated her first birthday, 2nd Thanksgiving, and 2nd Christmas.

Now for the best news :). I met the most amazing man... He is EVERYTHING I hoped, wished, dreamed, and prayed about. He keeps me grounded, spoils me endlessly, and loves me unconditionally. He came out of the blue and my life has changed drastically since :) I love having him by my side and cannot wait to see what the future holds! The Lord is good, y'all. He is good...

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