Fashion Friday: Jewelry

Just in time for summer... I'm bringing back Fashion Friday!
First up, lets talk about jewelry.
Now if there's one thing I know, it's jewelry. No, not the expensive kind, but the practical wear everyday kind of jewelry. My mom always taught us girls to always buy jewelry to match your outfit when you buy the outfit, then you'll never have an outfit without the perfect accessories!
I have quite an extensive jewelry collection now, so I don't always have to find jewelry to go with outfits, I can just walk into my closet!
I buy jewelry from everywhere, but typically never spend more than $20 on a piece (and that's typically on necklaces at that). My favorite places to buy pieces are Forever 21, Maca (in Fayetteville), Charming Charlie's, Riffraff, and--believe it or not--the $1 Jewelry store! Most of my fun earrings come from the $1 Jewelry store and it's great because if you only wear them once you don't feel bad, because it's only $1.
If you're just beginning your own jewelry collection, let me point you in the right direction so you don't waste tons of money buying pieces you'll never wear (or only wear once).

The first piece of jewelry in your collection should be something that is distinctly you. This can be your "Signature Piece". Carrie always had the "Carrie" necklace. What will be your signature piece? It could be an antique necklace, a ring your grandmother gave you, or a bracelet from your parents or boyfriend. I wear a cross necklace my parents gave me for my 21st birthday everyday. Actually, I never really take it off. Even when I'm wearing other necklaces I just layer them over it. I also wear a right hand ring my parents also gave me shortly prior to my senior year of high school, and most of the time I wear my braided leather pandora bracelet with charms from family and friends. The main goal of the signature piece is to find something that you truly love, and rock it!

Ok, I don't wear a ton of necklaces because I'm more of a bracelet or earring kind of girl. That being said, I have mainly two types of necklaces in my closet. Chain Necklaces & The Statement Piece. Chain necklaces can come in a variety of forms from gold to silver to colored, single or layered. These look great with a simple t-shirt, or to add flair to a simple dress for a night out. I wear chain necklaces a lot in the winter and not so much in the summer because I feel they can be a little heavy. The Statement Piece I wear a LOT in the summer time. These necklaces can be so fun! Choose statement pieces that you absolutely LOVE or you'll never wear them. They can add style to a plain tee or bring out color in a patterned tank or dress. When wearing a statement piece I try to keep my earring minimal and never wear a bracelet. You want your necklace to be the main focus!

I'm a total earring girl. I love crazy, funky earrings. If you have long hair and are going to wear big earrings it's best if you wear your hair either pushed back, half up, or in a pony-tail or bun. That way your hair doesn't get caught in your earrings and you can show them off! I have a ton of earrings, and most fall into these four categories: gold, vintage, everyday, and costume.
I think a great pair of gold earring can add class to any outfit. It's important when buying any type of gold jewelry to make sure it's the right color of gold. I prefer lighter shades over the heavier ones because I feel they look more authentic and not cheap. These shades are easier to match other jewelry to as well. Invest (and by invest I mean, the ones pictured cost maybe $20) in a great pair of gold hoops that don't make you look like a hooker, you'll be amazed at how much they can add flair to simple outfits.
I have a love for vintage earrings. They're gorgeous and yet incredibly understated. Definitely in style right now, too. These also can be paired with practically any outfit, but I particularly love the colored ones paired with a classic button-up, or a LBD for a night out.
These earrings are fun, colorful styles that can be paired with lots of outfits and add funky style! Most of these come from either the $1 Jewelry Store, or Charming Charlies. Find a great pair of wooden earrings like the ones pictured. You can wear them with those outfits that you can't find any jewelry to match!
Costume jewelry is a fun way to dress up an outfit, and being a former pageant girl, I can't help but love bling! Word to the wise: When wearing costume earrings, make sure your outfit is VERY understated, or you'll end up looking lake a Vegas playgirl. Also, don't spend a lot of money on these pieces, they're fun to look at but only get worn once in a blue moon.

My daily jewelry of choice is a great pair of earrings and a fun bracelet. It's easy and low key. I keep all of my bracelets in a big tub for easy reach and they're pretty much in six categories: Rocker Chic, Color Choice, Bohemian, Flashy, Jeweled, and Watches.
I mainly wear these during the winter, although a few look good with some of my summer outfits. These bracelets are different styles and look good worn by themselves or together in a grouping. They're great with a simple tee and some neat earrings. You don't have to be all matchy-matchy here, as the goal of Rocker Chic is to look like you just "threw something together" although we all know that's not true.
These are any bracelets that follow one color scheme. I have a LOT of red jewelry living in Razorback country. I love throwing on one (or two, or three) of these bracelets paired with a dress or even t-shirt to instantly show my support for my team! If you don't have a team that you're particularly fond of, pick your favorite color and start collecting different pieces in that color. It's neat to put the different styles together to create a put-together look.
In the summer, my style is pretty relaxed. Lots of tank tops, loose shorts, and sun dresses. I LOVE bohemian bracelets because they tie together this look and add lots of color to my outfits. 4 of the 5 bracelets pictured here are from the $1 jewelry store :) The bohemian pieces also look great paired with cardigans and boots in the fall.
I don't wear a whole lot of silver or gold bracelets, but when I do I like for them to make a statement! These are fun pieces that add to any look, but look great with dressy blouses or cocktail dresses. Most of my silver or gold bracelets come from Maca because I feel theirs look the best and most classy (if classy and flashy can be included in the same topic).
Going along with my former pageant girl self. I can walk away from a great jeweled bracelet. When you wear these types of bracelets, you almost always have to have a basic outfit that you're looking for your jewelry to be the main focus. Don't wear necklaces with these, but you can pair them with some great earrings and be good to go!
I've never been a watch girl, until I stumbled upon these jelly watches. They're extremely comfy, and very cute! They're cheap enough ($10-$20) that you can afford to buy several. I recommend starting with a color that will match several outfits. Right now I'm loving the cream one that I just bought from Charming Charlies. It adds the perfect masculine touch to all my girlie summer outfits.

Cocktail rings can be so fun in you wear them the right way! If you're wearing a cocktail ring, I would probably stay away from a necklace or bracelet and just wear the ring and a great pair of earrings. Also, don't wear more than one cocktail ring at a time. One is plenty! Finally, if you're going to wear the ring, rock it! Wear it with plenty of attitude and confidence, and have a cocktail or two while you're at it! Isn't that what they're for?

OF COURSE, I'm not a stylist, celebrity, or even rich so everything I say is strictly my opinion. The goal of jewelry is finding what you love and wearing it with confidence. I hope you've found some inspiration from my pieces and venture to find some that are uniquely YOU!

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