I thought I would follow an idea from another blogger and do recaps of every year 2000-2009 (as much as I can remember) since we are about to enter a new decade!

The new millennium, I remember some people freaking out about what would happen in the year 2000. Turns out, nothing happened on a wide scale front.
My oldest sister graduated from high school.
She moved out of our house.
I became an Aunt to my nephew Hunter on November 7th, 2000.
I entered 7th grade at Cabot Junior High North.
I was voted Homecoming Maid.
I competed in my first pageant ever, Cabot Junior Miss, and got 2nd Runner Up, my friend Ashley Tinnell won.
I met one of my best friends at the time, Ashley Tinnell, when she moved here halfway through the semester and Christi, Ashley, and I were inseperable.
I "went out" with lots of immature 7th grade boys.

I made the 8th grade cheerleading squad.
I was on Student Council.
I sang in the choir.
I competed in Junior Miss Cabot again winning 1st Runner Up.
I also started competing in Miss Teen Arkansas preliminary pageants.

I was best friends with Ashley Payne, Loni Hefner, Christi Hankins and Summer Wilson. We called ourselves the "Foxy Five"
We thought we ruled the school.
We would get checked out for lunch at least once a week.
I was a cheerleader again.
I actually got an A in the feared Ms. Moody's science class.
Coach Malham danced for us in geometry.
I competed in Forensics ( as I did in 7th and 8th grade also), I was in reader's theatre and only had 1 line. I would always forget that 1 line.
I had my first "relationship" with Chad Glover.
I helped my friends when they experienced their first break ups.
We went to Breckenridge, CO for Spring Break and I cried every single day because I hated Skiing.
I won Junior Miss Cabot.

I entered High School.
I made new friends who attended CJHS.
I sat by Jason Aist in many of my classes and immediately had a crush on him (this continued all throughout high school )
Jason was oblivious.
I broke one of my vertebrae by falling down a flight of stairs.
I was a cheerleader again.
I got dropped a lot while stunting (thanks Christi) and once had to go to the hospital after being dropped on my back.
Chad was the cause of my first "broken heart"
I met John Miller and we immediately became good friends.
John asked me to prom, after first asking my dad.
I decided to not try out again for cheerleading.
I won my first prelim for MTA, Miss Teen Central Arkansas-America.
I worked my butt off for MTA that Summer.
I placed 1st runner-up in Miss Cabot.
Our girls basketball team went to State.
We went to Breckenridge, CO for Spring Break.

Many of the guys we hung out with graduated.
John left for college and I was very sad.
Christi didn't cheer this year either so we had a lot of fun actually being able to sit in the student section at football games.
I won my second pre-lim for MTA, Miss Teen East Central Arkansas
We went to Copper Mtn., CO for Spring Break.
I won Miss Cabot
I placed top 10 at MTA.
I met Tressa Horton, one of my future best friends.
I attended M-FUGE in Nashville and LOVED it.
John and I broke up right before my senior year of high school.

Senior Year of High School
I had four classes back to back with Jason.
I got really close to Stephanie Ham.
Christi and I were actually kind of distant most of this year because she started dating Chad Waller.
Ashley also had a boyfriend, Jacob.
I competed in Junior Miss and met many great girls who I would have future college classes with.
I traveled to the Bahamas with the Wilson's for Spring Break.
I went on a Senior Trip to Destin, FL only to leave halfway through because I wasn't comfortable.
I was an SLA for M-FUGE in Nashville.
I was declined Scholarships at the U of A and in turn decided to go to Belmont University in Nashville.
Jason and I decided we should date.

I left for college.
I met one of the most amazing girls in the whole world, my roommate, Amanda.
I loved Nashville, but missed home.
I decided it wasn't the right time for Jason and I.
I took a class called "Denying the Holocaust".
I decided to leave Belmont and attend the U of A.
I moved to Fayetteville in Jan.
I roomed with Christi and had some of the craziest times of my life.
I amazingly managed to get an A in a course I should have had a C in because my professor saw me in my swimsuit.
I met Taylor Swift.
I worked at a Daycare that Summer and at Outback.
I traveled to Gulf Shores with the Wilson's and then went to VA to see Amanda.
We went to D.C.

I moved into a duplex with Ashley, Kathleen, and Randi.
JohnMark was one of my best guy friends.
Through him, Brad and I started dating.
I rushed and joined Tri Delta.
I was elected Treasurer of DDD.
I moved into the DDD house into a very small room with 2 other girls, Whitney and Kat.
I competed in the Miss U of A pageant with Tressa.
I kind of gained my freshman fifteen a year late. haha
I started working at Colliers.
Stephanie and Anthony got married.

I got my Pharmacy Tech License.
I moved into an apartment with Stephanie Steed, one of my pledge sisters in DDD.
I quit DDD.
I started attending Beth Moore bible studies with a friend, Rachael Smith.
I went to Breckenridge, CO with the Brown's
I broke my leg in 5 places.
I had emergency surgery in CO and then flew home to have surgery again in AR.
I had to go home for the semester.
This was the hardest/best thing that has ever happened to me.
One of my best friends got engaged. (Kristin)
Summer got married in June.
Through a series of events that happened because I broke my leg, God finally got a hold of my stubborn heart.
It was very difficult, but Brad and I ended our relationship.
Jayne Brewer began discipling me and instantly became a close friend.
I began a girls Bible study in my apartment and those girls became good friends.
My relationship with God grew in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Who knows what 2010 will hold!!

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